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I am super excited to blog this wedding.  Mike+Ashleigh were married on a gorgeous summer day here in Tri-Cities, and it was full of love, laughter and abundant happiness.

Meet Mike+AshleighUntitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Untitled-8 Untitled-9 Untitled-10 Untitled-11 Untitled-12 Untitled-13Thank you Mike+Ashleigh for allowing me to capture you magical wedding day!  And thank you to Sonja Yearsley for second shooting for me!

I am super excited to blog this awesome family!!  I loved their session.  We had gorgeous weather for February, and it was so nice to be out in the sunshine!  Meet the awesome *W* family.
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Thank you for such a great session!!

I am super excited to share another fabulous fall family!  They are some of the kindest people.  And I loved spending the afternoon with them.  These boys are two of the coolest boys ever.  So full of personality, energy and fun.  And they are super polite too.Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6

Thank you so much for a super fun shoot!!

I am back!  Some how fall got insanely busy and blogging fell apart completely. But I am back and ready to get busy blogging.  I will be blogging sessions over the next couple of months that go back as last as September.  So keep your eyes here for some great things!!  Also Talkative Tuesday returns next Tuesday.. let me know what you want to hear, from tips, my favorite color, the best ice cream or anything else you can think of!

But today, I am going to blog about an amazing couple.  Melyssa+Kyle.  These two are so much fun to be around and their excitement in contagious!  We had their engagement session scheduled for the windiest day in Tri-Cities in 2012, you know the day in December when giant trees were uprooted?  That’s the day we shot these, and I am pleased that the wind totally worked for us..not against us.  And we were creative and found some other locations!

Meet Kyle+Melyssa

Thank you for a fabulous engagement session!  I cannot wait for your fabulous wedding!!

And if you are interested in booking a session leave a comment or shoot me a message!!

I am so excited to blog this wedding!  This is my final wedding of 2012!  And I hit my goal for 2012, and then some!  I have been so very blessed to do what I love for a job.  And I am so excited for next year!  :)

Mat+Shannon are such an amazing couple.  I absolutely loved working with them.  And I am really excited to share their special day.  

Congratulations Mat+Shannon!!  I am so excited for your future!!!

And a special thank you to Billie for second shooting with me!

I always love fall family picture time!  I get the opportunity to hang out with some of the most awesome families and I am so lucky I was able to capture the *G* family.  They have so much fun together and I love how everyone interacts.

Meet the fabulous *G* Family.

Thank you for spending your afternoon with me, and for such a fabulously fun shoot!

I am so excited for this blog post!  Back in April I captured Nathan+Lin-z for their engagement session.  They had a beautiful wedding day full of lots of love, a few happy tears, and plenty of laughter.  I am so excited to share a glimpse of their day.

Thank you Nathan and Lin-z for having me capture your special day!  Congratulations on your happily ever after!

And thank you Billie for second shooting for me!!

It is the time of year where I am shooting several family sessions.  And I get asked how do you keep kids happy, and how can you make pictures fun?  Parents want to know and other photographers want to know too.  And since I am by no means a parenting guru or expert, or some sort of child whisperer, take this as you want.

 Let you kid know what is going to be happening, especially if they are little or if they are shy.  Kids are sometimes overwhelmed at the crazy lady with a big camera.    I try to take time to get to know the kids.  I ask them about favorite things and find out what their interests are.  Then I am not so scary.  I try to become a friend.  It is important to get down on their level, especially when you are as tall as I am.  They can be totally freaked out by amazon lady.

Bribe your kids.  If they have a favorite treat they love bribe them.  Encourage good behavior and reward them with their treat if they behave well.  I LOVE bribery.. it’s how I learned to ride a bike!  And if you want to bring a treat your kid loves for bribery please make sure it isn’t sticky, won’t stain, and is something small and quick.  I like Pez, smarties, and gold fish crackers for little kids.  They are quick and tend to be quite clean.

Parents relax.  Kids feel your stress and it fuels them.  If they are struggling it is okay to take minute and relax with your child.  I promise all kids are crazy, especially mine so I get it.  And sometimes just let them run wild a few minutes and then they are good to go for a few more shots.  But angry voices, and short tempers tend to make everything worse.  Sometimes when kids have lost their interest I will hand them my camera and let them take a few shots and they are more inclined to join in on the fun again!

Be you.  Don’t try to be a picture perfect family.. because there is no such thing.  Be your own unique family.  If your daughter loves her pink cowboy boots and hates to wear anything else, incorporate them into your image.  Embrace what makes your kids who they are and capture those memories.  And don’t worry, I will love your kids and have fun with them.  It’s okay if they have a crazy idea, I will capture it and chances are you will love it.

 And lastly have fun!  If your kids see you having fun and that pictures are enjoyable they will join in.  And if they see me having fun, chances are I will get a real smile.  The one that melts your heart

Almost two weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing John+Katelynn as they started their lives together.  They are an amazing couple.  They are so full of love for one another.  I love watching them interact and seeing how kind they are to one another.  You could feel the love and excitement from them and from all of their loved ones who surrounded them on their amazing day.

Meet John+Katelynn


Thank you so much for having me capture your wedding!  Congratulations on starting your life together!!

And a special thank you to Rachael for second shooting!!

I am so very excited to blog this session.  Cheri is very near, and dear to my heart.  I still remember her turning 12.  She was so shy, and quiet, but a fabulous babysitter and my kids just adored her.  Then we moved away, and her family kept a piece of my heart, and my children missed their babysitter that they loved.  And she was forever a part of our family.  And then we moved back.  And I have been overjoyed to watch her blossom into this amazing young woman.  She is kind an talented.  She is soft spoken, but strong in her beliefs and values.  She knows who she is, and I am grateful for the blessing she has been in my life.

Meet Cheri.

Thank you Cheri for an amazing shoot.  I am so excited for your future and all that you are going to do!!  Love you!!